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The Berlin Chamber of Physicians, founded in 1961 according to the Berlin Chamber Law, is the professional association of all Berlin physicians (approx. 32.500). Membership is required for all licensed physicians practicing in Berlin or - if they are not or no longer practicing - who are permanent residents of Berlin. The Berlin Chamber of Physicians is a democratically legitimized, self-governing statutory body and fulfils the dual function of representing interests and being a supervising body.

The Chamber of Physicians ensures that physicians are (further) educated and certified according to clear and comprehensible professional standards in order to provide optimal health care to the population. At the same time it represents the professional interests of its members and advocates that physicians can practice under appropriate conditions. It also ensures that health care problems identified by physicians are voiced and made public.

In particular, the Chamber of Physicians regulates the contents of specialty training. In Germany, physicians begin this training after passing the second state examination and receiving their license. In addition to this specialty training, physicians in Germany are required to continuously do extra training to maintain up-to-date medical knowledge. These training activities completed by physicians are kept on record at the Chamber of Physicians. Within this function the Chamber certifies training courses taking place in Berlin according to a fixed points system. Furthermore, it acts as a consulting and facilitating institution in issues concerning quality assurance. In addition, the Chamber monitors the compliance with and fulfilment of physicians' professional duties. Defining vocational training contents for medical office assistants and conducting the examinations in this field are further tasks legally assigned to the Chamber.

The Berlin Chamber of Physicians initiated and organized the first German EbM conference and is a founding member of the German Network for Evidence-based Medicine and the Guidelines International Network.

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